AeroPress: The best coffee maker for most people

Breaking into the world of brewing your own coffee can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many methods, machines, and myths that make it difficult to begin. But with the right gear you can save a lot of money on your coffee budget and drink a higher quality cup. This is why you should consider adding the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker to your coffee arsenal.

The AeroPress is an unassuming little kit consisting of a plastic tube, plunger, and filter chamber, along with a few tools to assist in the prep and brewing process. The whole package seems rather strange when compared to the conventional drip machines that mass produce cups for the multitudes, and the AeroPress certainly lacks the visual finesse of the glass and stainless steel French Press. But you’ll quickly overlook its deficiencies after using it a few times.

Here are a few places where the AeroPress excels:


The AeroPress consistently brews some of most delicious coffee you’ll ever taste. It works by fully immersing coffee grinds in hot water and creating a seal with the plunger to press the coffee through a filter using gentle air pressure. The resulting cup is flavorful, clean, and low in acidity and bitterness. This method provides so much control over the brewing process that you can make whatever adjustments fit your tastes.

Easy setup and clean up

Using the AeroPress is simple. Add coffee grounds and hot water. Stir. Press the plunger down gently. That’s it.

The entire brewing process takes about a minute for one to three cups.

Clean up is easy as well. Twist off the filter chamber, aim at a garbage can, and press the plunger. The used grounds and filter will fall into your garbage with a satisfying “plop.” Rinse the kit. You’re done.

In comparison, drip machines are messier, cleaning a French Press is a nightmare, and coffee pods are filling landfills because they aren’t recyclable.


The AeroPress retails for around $30. This is significantly cheaper than some other coffee makers that produce a similar quality cup. Two weeks of daily use will pay for itself if it replaces your Starbucks addiction.


It might not win any awards for visual design but the AeroPress’s plastic body is lightweight and compact. This is great for home storage and ideal for traveling.


Coffee geeks love the AeroPress so much that several different brew methods are available all over the web. It’s fun to see what kind of techniques and preferences people have developed. An entire coffee culture is developing around the AeroPress and it continues to grow.

I was introduced to the AeroPress only a few months ago but it has quickly become my daily driver. So if you’re looking to step up your coffee game I can’t recommend it enough.

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