Old Jansport backpack? Don’t throw it away!

Every kid I knew growing up had a JanSport bag. They were the 90’s version of Herschel. In fact, I’m sure if you were to go through your old stuff, you could find one of your old JanSport bags. It’s just as likely that your old JanSport has some kind of tear, broken zipper, or other malfunction.

But don’t throw it away! JanSport offers a Lifetime Warranty on damaged bags. You don’t need a receipt, proof or purchase, or anything. Just send your bag to their warranty center with the attached warranty form and you’re good to go!

You’ll have to be patient since it took them a few weeks to send me a new one. But its hard to complain about customer service when you’re getting free stuff.

Here are some pictures:

Old Bag

Cosmetically, this bag just looks old. Functionally, it was still usable.
Until you open it. The waterproof lining was flaking off. I couldn’t remove it myself and whenever I used the bag my stuff was covered with nasty flakes.

New Bag



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One thought on “Old Jansport backpack? Don’t throw it away!

  • September 24, 2016 at 5:47 am

    I can second this. Been using our replacement jansport now for over a year. Its our familys new favorite over an eddie bauer backpack and a north face messenger bag


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